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Honey Daniels has been waiting all her life to show the world her dance moves, and now everything she ever wanted is just a step away. For years, Honey's spirit and ambition have given her--as dancer and aspiring choreographer--the guts to move ahead, even when those who love her most have doubts about her possible success in such a tough field. Not content with her parents' world of safe choices that promise a secure future, Honey moves to the heart of the city, where the streets are a barrage of sound, energy and music--and it's the music she's after. Living there is difficult, but she is willing to take it all in stride, while she continues to struggle with making ends meet--her dream is worth it. During the day, she shares that dream by teaching hip-hop classes in a local center to the kids in her neighborhood. At night, watching the clock until her bartending shift ends, Honey comes alive on the dance club floor, where her training collides with her passion and her smooth moves get her noticed. And then, her one-in-a-million break comes in the form of a video director, who sees Honey in the club and offers her a chance at a spot as a back-up dancer. From there, her true ability shines through, and she begins to finally live her dream--choreographing for some of the hottest acts in hip-hop and R&B, and for Honey, it feels too good to be true. Almost as quickly as it arrives, the dream starts to dissolve. Back in the work-a-day world, Honey returns to what she knows best--the urban music she adores--and rediscovers her love of dancing though the exuberant energy of a group of neighborhood kids.-

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Box Office Info:

Jessica Alba (as Honey Daniels)
Lil' Romeo (as Benny)
Mekhi Phifer (as Chaz)
David Moscow (as Michael)
Zachary Williams (as Raymond)
Joy Bryant (as Gina)
Jay-Z (as As Himself)
Tweet (as As Herself)

Directed By: Bille Woodruff
Written By: Alonzo Brown & Kim Watson
Produced By: Universal Pictures

Release Date (US): December 5, 2003

Length of Movie: 1h 44min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for drug content and some sexual references.

Budget: $18,000,000

Opening Weekend: $12,856,040

Honey Soundtrack

Honey Soundtrack
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1. Hurt Sumthin - Missy Elliott
2. I'm Good - Blaque
3. Gimme The Light - Sean Paul
4. React - Erick Sermon
5. Leave Her Alone - Nate Dogg
6. Ooh Wee - Mark Ronson
7. It's A Party - Tamia
8. Thugman - Tweet
9. Now Ride - Fabolous
10. J-a-d-a - Jadakiss
11. Think Of You - Amerie
12. Closer - Goapele
13. I Believe - Yolanda Adams

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