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Neil McCauley is a hardened professional criminal who has spent many years behind bars and is determined never to go back. A highly focused loner, McCauley's protection is that there's nothing in his life that he can't walk away from in 30 seconds flat. Vincent Hanna is a lieutenant of detectives in LAPD's Robbery/Homicide Division who searches through the remains of a crime for the scent of his prey and then hunts them down. Those are the elevated experiences of his life--the rest is disorder. When McCauley and his team rob an armored van of bearer bonds, Hanna takes over the case. McCauley and his crew are nearly impossible to identify, let alone track down. But Hanna's network of informants and the details of each man's life--failures and dreams, betrayals and vendettas--generate clues Hanna is able to discover. Soon, Hanna and his detectives and McCauley and his crime partners are driven towards a collision from which only some will survive.

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Box Office Info:

Al Pacino (as Lt. Vincent Hanna)
Robert De Niro (as Neil McCauley)
Val Kilmer (as Chris Shiherlis)
Jon Voight (as Nate)
Tom Sizemore (as Michael Cheritto)
Diane Venora (as Justine Hanna)
Amy Brenneman (as Eady)
Ashley Judd (as Charlene Shiherlis)
Mykelti Williamson (as Sergeant Drucker)
Wes Studi (as Detective Casals)
Ted Levine (as Bosko)
Dennis Haysbert (as Donald Breedan)
William Fichtner (as Roger Van Zant)
Natalie Portman (as Lauren Gustafson)
Tom Noonan (as Kelso)

Directed By: Michael Mann
Written By:Michael Mann
Produced By: Warner Bros. [us]

Release Date December 15th, 1995

Length of Movie: 171 min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence and language.

Budget: $60,000,000

Opening Weekend:

Domestic Box Office Gross: $67,436,000

Heat Soundtrack

Heat Soundtrack
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1. Heat - (with Kronos Quartet)
2. Always Forever Now - (with Passengers)
3. Condensers
4. Refinery Surveillance - (with Kronos Quartet)
5. Last Nite - (with Terje Rypdal & The Chasers)
6. Ultramarine - (with Michael Brook)
7. Armenia - (with Einsturzende Neubauten)
8. Of Helplessness
9. Steel Cello Lament
10. Mystery Man - (with Terje Rypdal)
11. New Dawn Fades - (with Moby)
12. Entrada & Shootout
13. Force Marker
14. Coffee Shop
15. Fate Scrapes
16. La Bas - (edited version, with Lisa Gerrard)
17. Gloradin - (with Lisa Gerrard)
18. Run Uphill
19. Predator Diorama - (with Kronos Quartet)
20. OF Separation
21. God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters - (with Moby)

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