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Harrison's Flowers Movie

Harrison's Flowers Info:

Released in US March 15, 2002
Total US Gross $1,843,570
MPAA Rating R for strong war violence and gruesome images, pervasive language and brief drug use
Major Genre Drama
Country France

Harrison's Flowers Cast:

Andie MacDowell    ( as Sarah Lloyd )
David Strathairn    ( as Harrison Lloyd )
Elias Koteas    ( as Yeager )
Adrien Brody    ( as Kyle )
Brendan Gleeson    ( as Stevenson )
Alun Armstrong    ( as Samuel Brubeck )
Scott Anton    ( as Cesar Lloyd )
Quinn Shephard    ( as Margaux Lloyd )
Diane Baker   
Corey Johnson    ( as Peter )
Joel Kirby    ( as Michael )
Amy Huck   
Christopher Clarke    ( as David )
Caroline Goodall   
Scott Terry    ( as Nelson )

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