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Hannah and Her Sisters Movie

Hannah and Her Sisters Info:

Released in US February 7, 1986
Total US Gross $40,084,041
Highest Combined Star Gross201
Distributed by Orion Pictures
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Romantic Comedy
Country United States
Director Woody Allen

Hannah and Her Sisters Cast:

John Turturro    ( as Writer )
Max Von Sydow    ( as Frederick )
Carrie Fisher    ( as April )
Dianne Wiest    ( as Holly )
J.T. Walsh    ( as Ed Smythe )
Daniel Stern    ( as Dusty )
Julia Louis-Dreyfus    ( as Mary )
Barbara Hershey    ( as Lee )
Mia Farrow    ( as Hannah )
Michael Caine    ( as Elliott )
Sam Waterston    ( as David Tolchin )
Tony Roberts    ( as Norman, Mickey's Expartner )
Woody Allen    ( as Mickey Sachs )
Richard Jenkins    ( as Dr. Wilkes )

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