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The biggest grossing movie of its time, Gone With the Wind,chronicles the life of a woman during the Civil War

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Box Office Info:

Thomas Mitchell as Gerald O'Hara
Barbara O'Neil as Ellen O'Hara (as Barbara O'Neill)
Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara
Evelyn Keyes as Suellen O'Hara
Ann Rutherford as Carreen O'Hara
George Reeves as Stuart Tarleton
Fred Crane as Brent Tarleton
Hattie McDaniel as Mammy
Oscar Polk as Pork
Butterfly McQueen as Prissy
Victor Jory as Jonas Wilkerson (the overseer)
Everett Brown as Big Sam
Howard C. Hickman as John Wilkes (as Howard Hickman)
Alicia Rhett as India Wilkes
Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes

Directed By: Victor Fleming
Written By: Sidney Howard
Produced By: Selznick International Pictures

Release Date (US): December 15, 1939

Length of Movie: 3h 58min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG

Budget: $3,900,000

Opening Weekend: $1,192,593

Gone With The Wind Soundtrack

Gone With The Wind Soundtrack
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1. Main Title
2. Tara
3. The O'Hara Family
4. Scarlett Prepares For The Barbecue
5. Twelve Oaks
6. The Barbecue
7. In The Library
8. War Is Declared/The Death Of Charles
9. At the Bazaar
10. Escape From Atlanta
11. Twelve Oaks In Ruin/Scarlett Comes Home
12. I'll Never Be Hungry Again!
13. Battle Montage
14. Frank Kennedy Asks For Suellen's Hand
15. Paddock Scene
16. The New Store
17. Scarlett In Shantytown
18. Belle Watling and Melanie
19. Twenty Inches!
20. Malanie And Mammy
21. Scarlett In The Mist/Rhett Leaves
22. Flashback/Finale

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