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Gods and Generals Movie

Gods and Generals Info:

Released in US February 21, 2003
Total US Gross $12,882,934
Production Budget $55,000,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 for sustained battle sequences
Genres Historical Battles
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Major Genre Drama
Country United States

Gods and Generals Cast:

Bruce Boxleitner    ( as Lt. General James Longstreet )
Billy Campbell    ( as Maj. Gen. George Pickett )
Jeff Daniels    ( as Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain )
Robert Duvall    ( as General Robert E. Lee )
C. Thomas Howell    ( as Tom Chamberlain )
Stephen Lang    ( as General Stonewall Jackson )
Mira Sorvino    ( as Fanny Chamberlain )
Royce D. Applegate    ( as Brig. General James L. Kemper )
Bo Brinkman    ( as Major Walter H. Taylor )
Mac Butler    ( as Joseph Hooker )
John Castle    ( as Old Penn )
Chris Connor    ( as John Wilkes Booth )
Kevin Conway    ( as Sgt. Buster Kilrain )
Miles Fisher    ( as John Beale )
David Foster    ( as Captain Ricketts )
Patrick Gorman    ( as Brig. General John Bell Hood )
Bo Gray    ( as Poague )
Fred Griffith    ( as General Robert Rodes )
Karen Hochstetter    ( as Roberta Corbin )
Con Horgan    ( as Dooley )
Rosemary Knower    ( as Mary Lincoln )
Cooper Kuckabee    ( as Harrison )
Charles Lester Kinsolving    ( as Brig. General William Barksdale )
Jeremy London    ( as Capt. Alexander 'Sandie' Pendleton )
Brian Mallon    ( as Brig. General Winfield Scott Hancock )
Tim Ruddy    ( as Major Charles Marshall )
William Sanderson    ( as Hill )
William Morgan Sheppard    ( as Brig. General Isaac R. Trimble )
Stephen Spacek    ( as Capt. James Power Smith )
James Patrick Stuart    ( as Col. E. Porter Alexander )
Dechen Thurman    ( as Minnis )
Trent Walker    ( as McClintock )
Alex Hyde White    ( as General Ambrose Burnside )
Frankie Faison    ( as Jim Lewis )

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