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Ghost World Movie

Ghost World Info:

Released in US July 20, 2001
Total US Gross $6,200,756
Production Budget $5,500,000
MPAA Rating R for strong language and some sexual content
Genres Artists, Independent/Other Comics, Coming of Age
Distributed by MGM/UA
Source Based on Comic
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States

Ghost World Cast:

Thora Birch    ( as Enid )
Scarlett Johansson    ( as Rebecca )
Steve Buscemi    ( as Seymour )
Brad Renfro    ( as Josh )
Illeana Douglas    ( as Roberta Allsworth )
Bob Balaban    ( as Enid's Dad )
Stacey Travis    ( as Dana )
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.    ( as Norman )
Dave Sheridan    ( as Doug )
Tom McGowan    ( as Joe )
Debra Azar    ( as Melorra )
Brian George    ( as Sidewinder Boss )
Pat Healy    ( as John Ellis )
Rini Bell    ( as Graduation Speaker )
T.J. Thyne    ( as Todd )
Teri Garr    ( as Maxine )

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