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From Dusk Till Dawn Movie

From Dusk Till Dawn Info:

Released in US January 19, 1996
Total US Gross $25,728,961
MPAA Rating R for strong violence and gore, language and nudity
Highest Combined Star Gross637
Genres Vampire, Surprise Twist
Distributed by Dimension
Major Genre Horror
Country United States
Director Robert Rodriguez

From Dusk Till Dawn Cast:

George Clooney    ( as Seth Gecko )
Harvey Keitel    ( as Jacob Fuller )
Juliette Lewis    ( as Kate Fuller )
Salma Hayek    ( as Satanico Pandemonium )
Kelly Preston    ( as Newcaster Kelly Houge )
Danny Trejo    ( as Razor Charlie )
Cheech Marin    ( as Border Guard/Chet Pussy/Carlos )
Fred Williamson    ( as Frost )

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