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A Harvard Law School grad discovers that the law firm he has recently joined is run by the Mafia.

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Box Office Info:

Tom Cruise (as Mitch McDeere)
Jeanne Tripplehorn (as Abby McDeere)
Gene Hackman (as Avery Tolar)
Hal Holbrook (as Oliver Lambert)
Terry Kinney (as Lamar Quinn)
Wilford Brimley (as William Devasher)
Ed Harris (as Wayne Tarrance)
Holly Hunter (as Tammy Hemphill)
David Strathairn (as Ray McDeere)
Gary Busey (as Eddie Lomax)
Steven Hill (as F. Denton Voyles)
Tobin Bell (as The Nordic Man)
Barbara Garrick (as Kay Quinn)
Jerry Hardin (as Royce McKnight)
Paul Calderon (as Thomas Richie)

Directed By: Sydney Pollack
Written By:John Grisham and David Rabe
Produced By:Paramount Pictures [us]

Release Date June 30th, 1993

Length of Movie: 154 min


Budget: $42,000,000

Opening Weekend:

Domestic Box Office Gross: $158,348,400

The Firm Soundtrack

The Firm Soundtrack
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1. The Firm - Main Title
2. Stars On The Water - Jimmy Buffett
3. Mitch & Abby
4. M-O-N-E-Y - Lyle Lovett
5. Memphis Stomp
6. Never Mind - Nanci Griffith
7. Ray's Blues
8. Dance Class - Dave Samuels
9. The Plan
10. Blues: The Death Of Love And Trust
11. Start It Up - Robbin Ford & The Blue Line
12. Mud Island Chase
13. How Could You Lose Me? - End Title

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