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Computer security specialist Jack Stanfield works for the Seattle-based Landrock Pacific Bank. A trusted top-ranking executive, he has built his career and reputation on designing the most effective anti-theft computer systems in the industry. Jack's position affords a comfortable life for him, his architect wife Beth and their two young children--a standard of living that includes a beautiful home in a residential community just outside the city. But there's a vulnerability in Jack's system that he has not accounted for: himself. It's a vulnerability that Bill Cox, one very ruthless and resourceful thief, is poised to exploit. Having spent the better part of a year methodically infiltrating every aspect of Jack's identity, Cox is now ready to make good on his investment. Leading a tight team of mercenary accomplices, he seizes control of the Stanfield house, making Beth and the kids terrified hostages in their own home and Jack his unwilling pawn in a scheme to steal $100 million from the Landrock Pacific Bank. Jack is forced to find a breach in his own formidable security system to siphon funds into his captor's offshore account--incriminating himself in the process. Under constant surveillance, he has only hours to accomplish the risky transactions while desperately hunting for a loophole in the thief's own impenetrable wall of subterfuge and false identities to save his family and beat Cox at his own game.

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Box Office Info:

Harrison Ford (as Jack Stanfield )
Virginia Madsen (as Beth Stanfield )
Alan Arkin
Jimmy Bennett (as Andrew Stanfield )
Paul Bettany (as Bill Cox )
Beverley Breuer (as Sandra )
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Matthew Currie Holmes (as Bobby )
Zachary De Wilde
Robert Forster
Eric Keenleyside (as Allan Hughes )
Jennifer Kitchen (as Dani )
Finn Michael (as Bank Executive )
Stephen Milton
Robert Patrick
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Rebecca Reichert (as Girlfriend (as Rebecca Robbins) )
Carly Schroeder (as Sarah Stanfield )
Ken Tremblett (as Bob )
Kett Turton
Vince Vieluf (as Pim )

Directed By: Richard Loncraine
Written By: Joe Forte
Produced By: Warner Bros

Release Date (US): February 10, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 40min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some intense sequences of violence

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $13,635,463

Firewall Soundtrack

Firewall Soundtrack
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1. Firewall
2. Surveillance
3. Breaking In
4. The Bank
5. First Night
6. Hostages
7. The Camera Dances
8. The Epi-Pen
9. The Family Theme
10. Escape From The Bank
11. Looking For Help
12. Exchanging The Files
13. The Fight
14. Rainy Day
15. Together Again

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