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Cuba Gooding Jr, plays Darren, a morally vacant advertising executive swimming in credit card debt in upscale New York, travels back to his small southern town in Alabama to attend his aunt's funeral--and more so, to cash in on an inheritance. However, soon thereafter, he discovers that in order to collect, he must first lead the local church gospel choir to success at a southern competition. Darren embarks on the abysmal challenge of turning the choir of lackluster parishioners into Gospel gold. In order to rejuvenate the locals, he searches for the best voices in town and finds them in the most unconventional places: the county jail, the barbershop, an R&B dance club, and several points in between. Along the way, he works to win the heart of Terri (Beyonce Knowles), a beautiful single mother with a voice of satin, who turns his mission around.

The movie begins with a beautiful gospel opening in the ideal Baptist church. It's the church everybody dreams of attending. Great gospel singing, high energy, and an eccentric minister. 

Many African American comedies have a lot of cameos from high profile black actors. Unfortunately in the process these comedies lose focus and distract audiences from the actual plot. But, there are other films which do a good job of incorporating cameos by accentuating their real-life talents. For instance, Barbershop did a good job of scripting Cedric the Entertainer as the crazy barber using his talents as a comedian. The Fighting Temptations does a good job of scripting Faith Evans, Beyonce, and Eddie Levert as singers in this movie. It might be due to type-casting but its more convincing when talented people play roles utilizing their real-life talents. Oh yeah who knew that Cuba Gooding Jr is an excellent break dancer. 

The best thing about this movie is that the music only gets better as the movie continues. Through little innovative twists (rap, soul R&B, etc) the melodies and variations produce "cool" songs. With Beyonce playing the lead the film tries to platform Beyonce's  mainstream success into box office dollars. Unfortunately the problem with that is, music is a preference. Some people prefer alternative music, rap, R&B, etc. But if you enjoy gospel music with a small influences of R&B and rap this a movie which will sing to your soul and make you laugh along the way.

See this movie if you're a fan of:

Barbershop (2002)

Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Beyonce Knowles (Singer/Actress, Goldmember)

Cuba Gooding Jr (Actor, Radio, Snow Dogs, Men of Honor, Pearl Harbor)

Jonathan Lynn (Director, The Whole Nine Yards, Distinguished Gentlemen)

star star half star

Box Office Info:

Cuba Gooding Jr. (as Darrin Hill)
Beyonce Knowles (as Lilly)
Mike Epps (as Lucius)
Faith Evans (as Maryann Hill)
Steve Harvey (as Miles Smoke)

Directed By: Jonathan Lynn
Written By: Elizabeth Hunter
Produced By: Paramount

Release Date (US): September 19, 2003

Length of Movie: 2h 03min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some sexual references.

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $11,758,372

The Fighting Temptations Soundtrack

The Fighting Temptations Soundtrack
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1. Fighting Temptation - Beyonce/Missy Elliott/MC Lyte/Free
2. I Know - Destiny's Child
3. Don't Fight The Feelin' - Solange/Papa Reu
4. Rain Down - Angie Stone/Eddie Levert, Sr./Walter Williams, Sr./Melba Moore/Montell Jordan/Zane/T-Bone
5. To Da River - T-Bone/Zane/Montell Jordan
6. I'm Getting Ready - Ann Nesby
7. Stone, The - Shirley Caesar/Ann Nesby
8. Heaven Knows - Faith Evans
9. Fever - Beyonce
10. Everything I Do - Beyonce/Bilal
11. Loves Me Like A Rock - The O'Jays
12. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - Beyonce
13. He Still Loves Me - Beyonce
14. Time To Come Home - Beyonce/Angie Stone/Melba Moore
15. Summertime - Beyonce/P. Diddy

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