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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Movie

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Info:

Released in US May 22, 1998
Total US Gross $10,680,275
Production Budget $18,500,000
Worldwide Gross $13,711,903
MPAA Rating R for pervasive extreme drug use and related bizarre behavior, strong language, and brief nudity
Highest Combined Star Gross158
Distributed by Universal
Source Based on Book/Short Story
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States
Director Terry Gilliam

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Cast:

Johnny Depp    ( as Raoul Duke )
Benicio Del Toro    ( as Dr. Gonzo )
Ray Cooper   
Walt G. Ludwig    ( as Mark Allen Race Official )
Ellen Barkin    ( as The North Star Waitress )
Gary Busey    ( as The Policeman )
Christina Ricci    ( as Lucy )
Tobey Maguire    ( as Hitchhiker )
Cameron Diaz    ( as Blonde TV Reporter )
Christopher Meloni    ( as Clerk at Flamingo Hotel )
Michael Jeter    ( as L. Ron Bumquist )
Harry Dean Stanton    ( as Judge )
Craig Bierko    ( as Lacerda )
Lyle Lovett    ( as Hippie )
Debbie Reynolds    ( as Voice of Debbie Reynolds )
Verne Troyer    ( as Wee Waiter )
Mark Harmon    ( as Magazine reporter )
Katherine Helmond    ( as Desk Clerk at Mint Hotel )
Tim Thomerson    ( as Hoodlum )

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