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The Family Stone Movie

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The Stones, a New England family, have their annual holiday gathering. The eldest son brings his girlfriend home to meet his parents, brothers and sisters. The bohemian Stones greet their visitor--a high-powered, controlling New Yorker--with a mix of awkwardness, confusion and hostility. Before the holiday is over, relationships will unravel while new ones are formed, secrets will be revealed, and the family Stone will come together through its extraordinary capacity for love.

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Box Office Info:

Claire Danes (as Julie Morton )
Diane Keaton (as Sybil Stone )
Rachel McAdams (as Amy Stone )
Dermot Mulroney (as Everett Stone )
Craig T. Nelson (as Kelly Stone )
Sarah Jessica Parker (as Meredith Morton )
Luke Wilson (as Ben Stone )
Tyrone Giordano (as Thad Stone )
Brian J. White (as Patrick Thomas )
Elizabeth Reaser (as Susannah Stone Trousdale )
Paul Schneider (as Brad Stevenson )
Savannah Stehlin (as Elizabeth Trousdale )
Jamie Kaler (as John Trousdale )
Robert Dioguardi (as David Silver )
Carol Locatell (as Jeweler )

Directed By: Thomas Bezucha
Written By: Thomas Bezucha
Produced By: 20th Century Fox

Release Date (US): December 16th, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 42min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some sexual content including dialogue, and drug references

Budget: $18,000,000

Opening Weekend: $12,521,027

The Family Stone Soundtrack

The Family Stone Soundtrack
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1. The Stone Family Waltz
2. Millie’s Famous Brownies
3. They’re Here!
4. Separate Bedrooms
5. Hi
6. Dawn
7. She’s Going To The Inn
8. Who Else Knows?
9. Is That Her?
10. What Seems To Be The Problem Here, Ma’am?
11. Coffee or Something
12. A Big Red Shovel
13. Sybil & Kelly
14. Just Stockings
15. Try It On
16. You and Me, Kid
17. Trepak /Cossack Dance from The Nutcracker
18. Global Warming
19. It’s Snowing
20. A Very Good Tree
21. Main Theme
22. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
23. The Family Stone - Suite

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