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The Evening Star Movie

The Evening Star Info:

Released in US December 25, 1996
Total US Gross $12,767,815
MPAA Rating PG-13 on appeal for some sexual situations and brief strong language (previously rated R)
Franchises Terms of Endearment
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Source Sequel
Major Genre Drama
Country United States

The Evening Star Cast:

Bill Paxton    ( as Jerry Bruckner )
Juliette Lewis    ( as Melanie Horton )
Shirley MacLaine    ( as Aurora Greenway )
Miranda Richardson    ( as Patsy Carpenter )
Jack Nicholson    ( as Garrett Breedlove )
Ben Johnson    ( as Arthur Cotton )
MacKenzie Astin    ( as Teddy Horton )
Marion Ross    ( as Rosie Dunlop )

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