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Escape from L.A. Movie

Escape from L.A. Info:

Released in US August 9, 1996
Total US Gross $25,426,861
MPAA Rating R for violence and some language
Highest Combined Star Gross631
Franchises Escape from New York
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Major Genre Science Fiction
Country United States
Director John Carpenter

Escape from L.A. Cast:

Pam Grier    ( as Hershe Las Palmas )
Steve Buscemi    ( as Map to the Stars Eddie )
Kurt Russell    ( as Snake Plissken )
Peter Fonda    ( as Pipeline )
Breckin Meyer    ( as Surfer )
Bruce Campbell    ( as Surgeon General of Beverly Hills )
Valeria Golino    ( as Taslima )
Cliff Robertson    ( as President )
Robert Carradine    ( as Skinhead )
Stacy Keach    ( as Malloy )

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