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Enemy at the Gates Movie

Enemy at the Gates Info:

Released in US March 16, 2001
Total US Gross $51,396,781
Production Budget $85,000,000
MPAA Rating R for strong graphic war violence and some sexuality
Genres Historical Battles
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Music Composed By James Horner
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Jean-Jacques Annaud

Enemy at the Gates Cast:

Jude Law    ( as Vassily Zaitsev )
Joseph Fiennes    ( as Danilov )
Rachel Weisz    ( as Tania )
Ed Harris    ( as Major Koenig )
Bob Hoskins    ( as Krushchev )
Ron Perlman    ( as Koulikov )
Gabriel Thomson    ( as Sasha )
Eva Mattes    ( as Mrs. Filipov )
Matthias Habich    ( as General von Paulus )
Sophie Rois    ( as Ludmilla )
Mikhail Matveyev    ( as Vassili's Grandfather )
Alexander Schwan    ( as Vassili as a Boy )
Dan van Husen    ( as Russian Officer )
Hans Martin Stier    ( as Red Army General )
Robert Stadlober    ( as Spotter )

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