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Elizabeth Movie

Elizabeth Info:

Released in US November 6, 1998
Total US Gross $30,082,699
MPAA Rating R for violence and sexuality
Distributed by Gramercy
Produced by Working Title
Major Genre Drama
Country United Kingdom
Director Shekhar Kapur

Elizabeth Cast:

Cate Blanchett    ( as Elizabeth I )
Geoffrey Rush    ( as Sir Francis Walsingham )
Christopher Eccleston    ( as Duke of Norfolk )
Joseph Fiennes    ( as Robert Dudley )
Fanny Ardant    ( as Mary of Guise )
Kathy Burke    ( as Queen Mary Tudor )
Eric Cantona    ( as Monsieur de Foix )
James Frain    ( as Alvaro de la Quadra )
Vincent Cassel    ( as Duc d'Anjou )
Daniel Craig    ( as John Ballard )
John Gielgud    ( as The Pope )
Angus Deayton   
Edward Hardwicke   
Terence Rigby   
Emily Mortimer    ( as Kat Ashley )
Sir Richard Attenborough    ( as Sir William Cecil, Lord Burghley )

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