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Dumb and Dumber Movie

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Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, play two stupid guys follow the girl of their dreams to Aspen, Colorado.

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Box Office Info:

Jim Carrey (as Lloyd Christmas)
Jeff Daniels (as Harry Dunne)
Lauren Holly (as Mary Swanson)
Mike Starr (as Joe 'Mental' Mentaliano)
Charles Rocket (as Nicholas Andre)
Karen Duffy (as J.P. Shay)
Cam Neely (as Sea Bass)
Harland Williams (as State trooper)
Felton Perry (as Detective Dale)
Rob Moran (as Bartender)
Teri Garr (as Helen Swanson)
Hank Brandt (as Karl Swanson)
Joe Baker (as Bernard)
Victoria Rowell (as FBI Special Agent Beth Jordan)
Brady Bluhm (as Billy)

Directed By: Peter Farrelly
Written By:Peter Farrelly and Bennett Yellin
Produced By: New Line Cinema [us]

Release Date: December 16th, 1994

Length of Movie: 101 min

MPAA Rating:USA:PG-13

Budget: $16,000,000

Opening Weekend: $16,300,000

Domestic Box Office Gross: $127,175,354

Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack

Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack
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1. The Ballad Of Peter Pumkinhead - Crash Test Dummies
2. New Age Girl - Deadeye Dick
3. Insomniac - Echobelly
4. If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself) - Pete Droge
5. Crash - 95 Mix - The Primitives
6. Whiney, Whiney (What Really Drives Me Crazy) - Willi One Blood
7. Where I Find My Heaven - Gigolo Aunts
8. Hurdy Gurdy Man - Butthole Surfers
9. Too Much Of A Good Thing - The Sons
10. The Bear Song - Green Jelly
11. Take - The Lupins
12. You Sexy Thing - Deee-Lite
13. Get Ready - The Proclaimers

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