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Drop Dead Gorgeous Movie

Drop Dead Gorgeous Info:

Released in US July 23, 1999
Total US Gross $10,571,408
MPAA Rating PG-13 for irreverent and crude humor, sex-related material and language
Genres Mockumentary
Distributed by New Line
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States

Drop Dead Gorgeous Cast:

Kirsten Dunst    ( as Amber Atkins )
Ellen Barkin    ( as Annette Atkins )
Allison Janney    ( as Loretta )
Denise Richards    ( as Becky Leeman )
Kirstie Alley    ( as Gladys Leeman )
Sam McMurray    ( as Lester Leeman )
Amy Adams    ( as Leslie Miller )
Tara Redepenning    ( as Molly Howard )
Shannon Nelson    ( as Tess Weinhaus )
Sarah Stewart    ( as Jenelle Betz )
Brooke Bushman    ( as Tammy Curry )
Mindy Sterling    ( as Iris Clark )
Matt Malloy    ( as John Dough )
Michael McShane    ( as Harold Vilmes )
William Sasso    ( as Hank Vilmes )
Nora Dunn    ( as Colleen Douglas )
Brittany Murphy    ( as Lisa Swenson )
Amanda Detmer    ( as Miss Minneapolis )

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