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Dogville Movie

Dogville Info:

Released in US March 26, 2004 (limited)
April 2, 2004 (expansion to wide release)
Total US Gross $1,530,386
Worldwide Gross $14,851,654
MPAA Rating R
Highest Combined Star Gross434
Franchises Dogville
Distributed by Lions Gate
Major Genre Drama
Country Denmark
Director Lars Von Trier

Dogville Cast:

Nicole Kidman    ( as Grace )
Lauren Bacall    ( as Ma Ginger )
Jean-Marc Barr    ( as The Man with the Big Hat )
Paul Bettany    ( as Tom Edison )
James Caan    ( as The Big Man )
Jeremy Davies    ( as Bill Henson )
Philip Baker Hall    ( as Tom Edison Sr )
John Hurt    ( as Narrator )
Chloe Sevigny    ( as Liz Henson )
Stellan Skarsgard    ( as Chuck )
Patricia Clarkson    ( as Vera )
Ben Gazarra    ( as Jack McKay )
Udo Kier    ( as The Man in the Coat )
Zeljko Ivanek    ( as Ben )

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