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A three-ton Iguanodon named Aladar, who is raised from the egg by a clan of lemurs and eventually reunited with his own kind, finds himself and the other dinosaurs in trouble when flaming meteors devastate the landscape and the water supply diminishes. In a race against time, the dinosaurs attempt to reach the safety of their nesting grounds. When Aladar comes to the aid of a group of misfits unable to keep up with the breakneck pace of the herd, he makes an enemy of Kron, the stone-hearted leader of the group. Faced with such perils as treacherous rock slides and attacking Carnotaurs, Aladar and his friends must overcome tremendous obstacles before they can settle into a new life in a beautiful valley.

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D.B. Sweeney (as Aladar (voice) )
Alfre Woodard (as Plio (voice) )
Ossie Davis (as Yar (voice) )
Max Casella (as Zini (voice) )
Hayden Panettiere (as Suri (voice) )
Samuel E. Wright (as Kron (voice) )
Julianna Margulies (as Neera (voice) )
Peter Siragusa (as Bruton (voice) )
Joan Plowright (as Baylene (voice) )
Della Reese (as Eema (voice) )
Matt Adler (as Additional Voices (voice) )
Sandina Bailo-Lape (as Additional Voices (voice) )
Edie Lehmann (as Additional Voices (voice) )
Zachary Bostrom (as Additional Voices (voice) )
Cathy Cavadini (as Additional Voices (voice) ()

Directed By: Eric Leighton & Ralph Zondag
Written By: Joe Carnahan
Produced By: Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date (US): May 21st, 2000

Length of Movie: 1h 22min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG for intense images.

Budget: $127,500,000

Opening Weekend: $38,854,851

Domestic Box Office Gross: $137,748,063

Dinosaur Soundtrack

Dinosaur Soundtrack
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1. Inner Sanctum/The Nesting Grounds
2. Eggs Travels
3. Aladar & Neera
4. Courtship
5. End of the Island
6. They're All Gone
7. Raptors/Stand Together
8. Across the Desert
9. Finding Water
10. Cave
11. Carnotaur Attack
12. Neera Rescue the Orphans
13. Breakout
14. It Comes With a Pool
15. Kron & Aladar Fight
16. Epilogue

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