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Dick Movie

Dick Info:

Released in US August 4, 1999
Total US Gross $6,276,869
Production Budget $13,000,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 for sex-related humor, drug content and language
Highest Combined Star Gross471
Distributed by Sony Pictures
Music Composed By John Debney
Major Genre Comedy
Country France

Dick Cast:

Kirsten Dunst    ( as Betsy Jobs )
Michelle Williams    ( as Arlene Lorenzo )
Dan Hedaya    ( as President Richard M. Nixon )
Will Ferrell    ( as Bob Woodward )
Bruce McCulloch    ( as Carl Bernstein )
Teri Garr    ( as Helen Lorenzo )
Dave Foley    ( as Bob Haldeman )
Jim Breuer    ( as John Dean )
Ana Gasteyer    ( as Rosemary Woods )
Harry Shearer    ( as G. Gordon Liddy )
Saul Rubinek    ( as Henry Kissinger )
Devon Gummersall    ( as Larry Jobs )
Ted McGinley    ( as Roderick )
Ryan Reynolds    ( as Chip )
G.D. Spradlin    ( as Ben Bradlee )
French Stewart    ( as The interviewer )

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