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On a daredevil caving holiday in the Appalachian Mountains, six women friends are unexpectedly trapped underground when a rock fall blocks their exit. Searching the maze of tunnels for a way out, they find themselves hunted by a race of fearless, hungry predators, once humanoid but now monstrously adapted to live in the dark. As the others battle for their lives, Sarah, still recovering from a mental collapse brought on by the recent deaths of her family, is fighting for her sanity. When old secrets are revealed, the friends turn on one another, causing the group to implode. Betrayed and desperate, Sarah realizes that to make it back to the surface, she must become as savage as the creatures themselves

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Shauna Macdonald (as Sarah )
Natalie Jackson Mendoza (as Juno )
Alex Reid (as Beth )
Saskia Mulder (as Rebecca )
MyAnna Buring (as Sam )
Nora-Jane Noone (as Holly )
Oliver Milburn (as Paul )
Molly Kayll (as Jessica )
Craig Conway (as Crawler - Scar )
Leslie Simpson (as Crawler )
Mark Cronfield (as Crawler )
Stephen Lamb (as Crawler (as Steve Lamb) )
Catherine Dyson (as Crawler )
Julie Ellis (as Crawler )
Sophie Trott (as Crawler )

Directed By: Neil Marshall
Written By: Neil Marshall
Produced By: Lionsgate

Release Date (US): August 4th, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 33min

MPAA Rating: R for strong violence/gore and language

Budget: 3,500,000

Opening Weekend: $8,911,330

The Descent Soundtrack

The Descent Soundtrack
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1. Descent/Opening
2. Descent/White Water Rafting
3. Descent/Nightmare in the Hospital
4. Descent/The Mountains
5. Descent/Drive to the Cave
6. Descent/Into the Cavern
7. Descent/Down the Pipe
8. Descent/The Tunnel Collapses
9. Descent/Crossing the Crevasse
10. Descent/Cave Paintings
11. Descent/Sarah Sees a Crawler
12. Descent/The Bone Dam
13. Descent/Reunited with Juno
14. Descent/Sarah Makes a Torch
15. Descent/Sarah Finds Beth
16. Descent/The Lair
17. Descent/Juno Climbs
18. Descent/The Crawlers Attack
19. Descent/The Descent
20. Descent/Alone

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