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Advertising executive Charles Schine is just another Chicago commuter who regularly catches the 8:43 A.M. train to work. But the one day he misses his train and meets Lucinda Harris, his life is changed forever. Lucinda is charming, beautiful and seductive. Despite the fact that each are married with children, their attraction to one another is magnetic. Lunch dates quickly become cocktails after work, and before long, Charles and Lucinda's infatuation leads them to a hotel room. Their seemingly perfect affair goes terribly awry when LaRoche, a brutal stranger, breaks into their room and holds them at gunpoint. This once illicit liaison turns into a nightmare more dangerous and violent than either could have ever imagined. Charles' life soon becomes filled with deception, blackmail, violence and crime. Unable to confide in his wife or speak to the police, Charles finds himself trapped in a world he doesn't recognize, with no trace of the life he once knew.

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Box Office Info:

Clive Owen (as Charles Schine )
Jennifer Aniston (as Lucinda Harris )
Vincent Cassel (as Philippe Laroche )
Melissa George (as Deanna Schine )
RZA (as Winston Boyko )
Addison Timlin (as Amy Schine )
Tom Conti (as Elliot )
Xzibit (as Dexter )
Giancarlo Esposito (as Detective Church )
David Morrissey (as Sam )
Rachel Blake (as Susan )
Georgina Chapman (as Candy )
David Oyelowo (as Patrol Officer )
Catherine McCord (as Avery-Price Receptionist )
Mel Raido (as Business Executive )

Directed By: Mikael Håfström
Written By: Stuart Beattie & James Siegel
Produced By: The Weinstein Company

Release Date (US): November 11th, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 50min

MPAA Rating: R for strong disturbing violence, language and some sexuality.

Budget: $22,000,000

Opening Weekend: $12,211,986

Derailed Soundtrack

Derailed Soundtrack
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1. Johnny
2. I Love You
3. Sabotage
4. Winston's Theme [Orchestral]
5. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
6. Really Want None
7. I'm Sorry
8. Charlies' Theme [Orchestral]
9. Better Man
10. My Love - P Dot,
11. Better Man [Guitar Remix]

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