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The Deer Hunter Movie

The Deer Hunter Info:

Released in US 1979
Total US Gross $50,000,000
Rentals $27,436,000
Academy Award Winner, 1979Best Picture
Highest Combined Star Gross652
Genres Returning Soldiers
Distributed by Universal
Source Original Screenplay
Award Best Picture Oscar
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Michael Cimino

The Deer Hunter Cast:

Robert De Niro    ( as Michael )
John Cazale    ( as Stan )
Christopher Walken    ( as Nick )
Meryl Streep    ( as Linda )
George Dzundza    ( as John )
Chuck Aspegren    ( as Axel )
Shirley Stoler    ( as Steven's Mother )
Rutanya Alda    ( as Angela )
Pierre Segui    ( as Julien )
Mady Kaplan    ( as Axel's Girl )
Amy Wright    ( as Bridesmaid )
Mary Ann Haenel    ( as Stan's Girl )
Richard Kuss    ( as Linda's Father )
Joe Grifasi    ( as Bandleader )
John Savage    ( as Steven )

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