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Death to Smoochy Movie

Death to Smoochy Info:

Released in US March 29, 2002
Total US Gross $8,355,815
Production Budget $50,000,000
MPAA Rating R for language and sexual references
Highest Combined Star Gross457
Genres Revenge, TV Industry
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Music Composed By David Newman
Major Genre Black Comedy
Country United States
Director Danny De Vito

Death to Smoochy Cast:

Robin Williams    ( as Rainbow Rudolph )
Ed Norton    ( as Smoochy/Sheldon Mopes )
Danny De Vito    ( as Burke )
Jon Stewart    ( as Stokes )
Catherine Keener    ( as Nora )
Harvey Fierstein    ( as Merv Green )
Robert Prosky    ( as Network chairman )
Pam Ferris    ( as Tommy Cotter )
Richard Hamilton    ( as Old vagrant )

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