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Kevin Costner stars and directs this Oscar winning film, chronicling the life of Lt. John Dunbar, who befriends wolves and Indians, making him an intolerable aberration in the military.

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Kevin Costner as Lieutenant Dunbar
Mary McDonnell as Stands With A Fist
Graham Greene as Kicking Bird
Rodney A. Grant as Wind In His Hair
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman as Ten Bears (as Floyd Red Crow Westerman)
Tantoo Cardinal as Black Shawl
Robert Pastorelli as Timmons
Charles Rocket as Lieutenant Elgin
Maury Chaykin as Major Fambrough
Jimmy Herman as Stone Calf
Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse as Smiles A Lot
Michael Spears as Otter
Jason R. Lone Hill as Worm
Tony Pierce as Spivey
Doris Leader Charge as Pretty Shield

Directed By: Kevin Costner
Written By: Michael Blake
Produced By: Tig Productions

Release Date (US): November, 11, 1990

Length of Movie: 3h 0min

MPAA Rating: Rated R

Budget: $19,000,000

Opening Weekend: $598,257

Dances With Wolves Soundtrack

Dances With Wolves Soundtrack
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1. Main Title - Looks Like a Suicide
2. John Dunbar Theme
3. Journey to Fort Sedgewick
4. Ride to Fort Hays
5. Death of Timmons
6. Two Socks - The Wolf Theme
7. Pawnee Attack
8. Kicking Bird's Gift
9. Journey to the Buffalo Killing Ground
10. Buffalo Hunt
11. Stands With a Fist Remembers
12. Love Theme
13. John Dunbar Theme
14. Two Socks at Play
15. Death of Cisco
16. Rescue of Dances With Wolves
17. Loss of the Journal and the Return to Winter Camp
18. Farewell and End Title

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