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Owen Matthews is an 18-year-old bad-boy, who has bounced through more New England prep schools than he can count. Down to his last strike, Owen is sent to Westover Prep, where he is quickly smitten with Dodger Allen. Owen learns that Dodger runs a "recreational liar's club," which he decides to take to a much higher level. Owen sends out a campus-wide email about a fictitious serial killer terrorizing the area. The hoax quickly turns serious after students begin to really disappear; and Owen's own lie begins to come true. Now, Owen must discover if this is simply a prank being played on him -or whether there truly is a serial killer on the loose. It's a modern retelling of the fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" that begs the question, "when does a lie become the truth?"

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Box Office Info:

Julian Morris (as Owen Matthews )
Lindy Booth (as Dodger Allen )
Jared Padalecki (as Tom )
Jon Bon Jovi (as Rich Walker )
Krystal Browning (as Frightened School Girl )
Antonio D. Charity (as Police Officer )
Ethan Cohn (as Graham )
Gary Cole (as Mr. Matthews )
Zach Dulli (as Underclassman #1 )
Aaron Fiore (as Investigating Officer )
Jarvis W. George (as Stan, the Resident Advisor )
Paul James (as Lewis )
Jesse Janzen (as Randall )
Stephanie Nicole Kelley (as Lesbian Student )
Sandra McCoy (as Mercedes )
Anna Deavere Smith (as Headmistress )
Kristy Wu (as Regina )

Directed By: Jeff Wadlow
Written By: Beau Bauman & Jeff Wadlow
Produced By: Rogue Pictures

Release Date (US): September 16th, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 30min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence, terror, disturbing images, language, sexuality and a brief drug reference

Budget: $1,000,000

Opening Weekend: $4,428,209

Cry Wolf Soundtrack

Cry Wolf Soundtrack
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1. Like Eating Glass - Block Party
2. Breathe Underwater - Emanuel
3. Monkey - Low
4. Tell Me Everything - Just Surrender
5. Sea Lion - Sage Francis, Will Oldham and Alias
6. 10:1 - Rogue Wave
7. Planets - Adema
8. Shoot Your Gun - 22-20s
9. Cuts Like A Knife Jen Crowe
10. Inapprope - From Autumn To Ashes
11. Blood Bleeds - Helio Sequence
12. Ive Seen Those Eyes - Aeon_Spoke
13. Blood In Blood Out - Jet Black Summer
14. Knife - Miracle Of 86
15. Hungry Like The Wolf - Sparklemotion
16. Creating A Killer (Passive Aggressive Remix) - Khursor
17. We Gonna Put It Down Classic featuring JoJo Pellegrino

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