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The Cotton Club Movie

The Cotton Club Info:

Released in US December 14, 1984
Total US Gross $25,928,721
Production Budget $48,000,000
Highest Combined Star Gross232
Genres Mafia
Distributed by Orion Pictures
Original Story by Mario Puzo
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Francis Ford Coppola

The Cotton Club Cast:

Nicolas Cage    ( as Vincent Dwyer )
Diane Lane    ( as Vera Cicero )
Richard Gere    ( as Dixie Dwyer, Musician (cornet solos) )
Laurence Fishburne    ( as Bumpy Rhodes )
Bob Hoskins    ( as Owney Madden )
Fred Gwynne    ( as Frenchy Demange )
James Remar    ( as Dutch Schultz )
Jennifer Grey    ( as Patsy Dwyer )
Gregory Hines    ( as Sandman Williams )
Lonette McKee    ( as Ula Rose Oliver )
Allen Garfield    ( as Abbadabba Berman )
Lisa Jane Persky    ( as Frances Flegenheimer )
Tom Waits    ( as Irving Stark )
John P. Ryan    ( as Joe Flynn )
Ed O'Ross    ( as Monk )
James Russo    ( as Vince's hood )
Sofia Coppola    ( as Child in street )
Mario Van Peebles    ( as Dancer )
Giancarlo Esposito    ( as Bumpy Hood )

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