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Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Movie

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Set in a 19th century European village, this stop-motion, animated feature follows the story of Victor, a young man who is whisked away to the underworld and wed to a mysterious Corpse Bride, while his real bride, Victoria, waits bereft in the land of the living. Although life in the Land of the Dead proves to be a lot more colorful than his strict Victorian upbringing, Victor learns that there is nothing in this world, or the next, that can keep him away from his one true love.

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Johnny Depp (as Victor Van Dort - voice )
Helena Bonham Carter (as Corpse Bride - voice )
Emily Watson (as Victoria Everglot - voice )
Tracey Ullman (as Nell Van Dort/Hildegarde - voice )
Paul Whitehouse (as William Van Dort/Mayhew/Paul The Head Waiter - voice )
Joanna Lumley (as Maudeline Everglot - voice )
Albert Finney (as Finnis Everglot - voice )
Richard E. Grant (as Barkis Bittern - voice )
Christopher Lee (as Pastor Galswells - voice )
Michael Gough (as Elder Gutknecht - voice )
Jane Horrocks (as Black Widow Spider/Mrs. Plum - voice )
Enn Reitel (as Maggot/Town Crier - voice )
Deep Roy (as General Bonesapart - voice )
Danny Elfman (as Bonejangles - voice )
Stephen Ballantyne (as Emil - voice )

Directed By: Tim Burton & Mike Johnson
Written By: Pamela Pettler & Caroline Thompson
Produced By: Warner Brothers

Release Date (US): September 23, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 30min

MPAA Rating: PG for some scary images and action, and brief mild language.

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $20,641,000

Corpse Bride Soundtrack

Corpse Bride Soundtrack
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1. Main Title
2. According to Plan
3. Victor's Piano Solo
4. In the Forest
5. Remains of the Day
6. Casting a Spell
7. Moon Dance
8. Victor's Deception
9. Tears to Shed
10. Victoria's Escape
11. The Piano Duet
12. New Arrival
13. Victoria's Wedding
14. The Wedding Song
15. The Party Arrives
16. Victor's Wedding
17. Barkis's Bummer
18. The Finale
19. End Credits Part 1
20. End Credits Part 2

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