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Coneheads Movie

Coneheads Info:

Released in US July 23, 1993
Total US Gross $21,153,686
MPAA Rating PG for comic nudity and some double entendre humor.
Highest Combined Star Gross206
Genres Friendly Alien on Earth
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Music Composed By David Newman
Source Based on TV
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States

Coneheads Cast:

Dan Aykroyd    ( as Beldar Conehead/Donald R. DeCicco )
Jane Curtin    ( as Prymatt Conehead/Mary Margaret DeCicco )
Adam Sandler    ( as Carmine )
Jason Alexander    ( as Larry Farber )
Phil Hartman    ( as Marlax )
Jan Hooks    ( as Gladys Johnson, Driving Student )
Michael McKean    ( as Gorman Seedling, INS Deputy Comissioner )
Michelle Burke    ( as Connie Conehead )
Ellen DeGeneres    ( as Coach )
Jon Lovitz    ( as Dentist (uncredited) )
Joey Lauren Adams    ( as Christina )
Tim Meadows    ( as Athletic Cone )
David Spade    ( as Ira Turnbull, INS Agent )
Eddie Griffin    ( as Customer )
Parker Posey    ( as Stephanie )
Michael Richards    ( as Motel Clerk )
Tom Arnold    ( as Golfer )
Drew Carey    ( as Taxi Passenger )
Dave Thomas    ( as Highmaster )
Lisa Jane Persky    ( as Lisa Farber )
Sinbad    ( as Otto )
Chris Farley    ( as Ronnie the Mechanic )

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