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Conan the Barbarian Movie

Conan the Barbarian Info:

Released in US May 14, 1982
Total US Gross $38,264,085
Rentals $21,730,000
Highest Combined Star Gross513
Franchises Conan
Genres Sword & Sorcerer
Distributed by Universal
Country United States
Director John Milius

Conan the Barbarian Cast:

Arnold Schwarzenegger    ( as Conan the Barbarian )
James Earl Jones    ( as Thulsa Doom )
Max Von Sydow    ( as King Osric )
Mako    ( as The Wizard )
Sandahl Bergman    ( as Valeria )
Sven-Ole Thorsen    ( as Thorgrim )
John Milius    ( as Foodseller in the old city )
Gerry Lopez    ( as Subotai )
Bill Williams    ( as Conan's Father )

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