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Inspired by the true story of controversial Richmond, California basketball coach Ken Carter, who received both high praise and staunch criticism when he made national news for benching his entire team undefeated team for poor academic performance. Tension mounted as the Richmond High Oilers faced the upcoming basketball championship. The town was wild with excitement over their undefeated team and the bleachers were filled with cheering fans for every game. No one could imagine that on January 4, 1999 the community would erupt in dissention and so many lives would change forever when coach Carter padlocked the gym, refusing the players access for failing to keep up their grades.

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Box Office Info:

Samuel L. Jackson (as Coach Ken Carter )
Ashanti (as Kyra )
Adrienne Bailon (as Dominique )
Ray Baker (as St. Francis' Coach )
Michelle Boehle (as St. Francis Cheerleader )
Rob Brown (as Kenyon Stone )
Terrell Byrd (as Shay )
Adam Clark (as Gruff Uncle )
Dana Davis (as Peyton )
Deena Dill (as Field Reporter )
Denise Dowse (as Principal Garrison )
Sidney Faison (as Tyrone Crane )
Carolina Garcia (as Bella )
Carl Gilliard (as John )
Rick Gonzalez (as Timo Cruz )
Robert Hoffman (as Dancer )
Trae Ireland (as Basketball Player )
Vincent Laresca (as Renny )
Roger Lim (as Benson Chiu )
Gwen McGee (as Kenyon's Mom )
Debbi Morgan (as Tonya )
Paul Rae (as Male Guardian )
Robert Ri'chard (as Damien Carter )
Roberto Santana (as Kennedy HS Coach )
Jason Sweet (as Sam Walker )
Antwon Tanner (as Worm )
Channing Tatum (as Jason Lyle )
Jaimie Teate (as Guy in crowd )
Christina Wickers (as Susan's Friend )

Directed By: Thomas Carter
Written By: Mark Schwahn & John Gatins
Produced By: Columbia Pictures

Release Date (US): January 14th, 2005

Length of Movie: 2h 14min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence, sexual content, language, teen partying and some drug material

Budget: $30,000,000

Opening Weekend: $24,182,961

Coach Carter Soundtrack

Coach Carter Soundtrack
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1. All Night Long - Red Cafe
2. No Need for Conversation - Fabolous featuring Mike Shorey
3. Professional - Chingy featuring GIB
4. Southside - The Game featuring Lil Scrappy
5. Roll Wit You - Ciara
6. Wouldn't You Like To Ride - Kanye West, Malik Usef & Common
7. Hope - Twista featuring Faith Evans
8. Your Love - Van Hunt
9. This One - Ak'sent
10. Beauty Queen - Czarnok
11. Balla - Mack 10 featuring Da Hood
12. Time - St. Lunatics
13. What Love Can Do - Letoya
14. About The Game - Trey Songz

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