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The Client Movie

The Client Info:

Released in US July 20, 1994
Total US Gross $92,115,211
Production Budget $45,000,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 for a child in jeopardy and brief language
Highest Combined Star Gross265
Genres Lawyers, Mafia
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Produced by Regency Enterprises
Original Story by John Grisham
Music Composed By Howard Shore
Source Based on Book/Short Story
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Joel Schumacher

The Client Cast:

Tommy Lee Jones    ( as Roy Foltrigg )
Susan Sarandon    ( as Reggie Love )
Brad Renfro    ( as Mark Sway )
William H. Macy    ( as Dr. Greenway )
Ossie Davis    ( as Harry Roosevelt )
Will Patton    ( as Sgt. Hardy )
Anthony LaPaglia    ( as Barry Muldano )
J.T. Walsh    ( as Jason McThune )
Mary-Louise Parker    ( as Diane Sway )
Anthony Edwards    ( as Clint Von Hooser )
Anthony Heald    ( as Larry Trumann )
Bradley Whitford    ( as Thomas Fink )

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