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Michael Newman is married to the beautiful Donna and they have two terrific kids, Ben and Samantha. But he doesn't get to see them much because he's putting in long, hard hours at his architectural firm in the elusive hope that his ungrateful boss will one day recognize his invaluable contribution and make him a partner. After staying up all night to work, a tired Michael becomes frustrated because he can't even figure out which of his remotes will turn on the TV. Michael sets out to find the perfect device to operate all his electronic equipment and stumbles into the back room of a Bed, Bath & Beyond, where an eccentric employee, Morty, gives him an experimental one-of-a-kind souped-up gadget guaranteed to change his life. Soon Michael is master of his domain, turning on every appliance with the click of a button. But the device has more startling functions. It can somehow muffle the barking of Sundance, the family dog--and even more astoundingly, fast forward through an annoying quarrel with his wife. Michael is fascinated by his new toy and a little freaked out as well. He decides to pay another visit to Morty, the guy who sold him the mysterious device. Morty tells Michael he gave him exactly what he asked for--a universal remote that lets him control his universe. Right before Michael's astonished eyes, Morty demonstrates the device's mind-boggling advanced features, including a function that lets Michael travel back and forth through his life at different speeds. Michael quickly becomes addicted to this new rush of power, which literally allows him to have his cake and eat it too. But before he knows it, the remote is programming him, rather than the other way around. And try as he might, a panicked Michael can't stop the device from deciding which events of his life he'll experience and which one's he'll miss. Only then does he begin to truly appreciate and embrace his life--the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Box Office Info:

Adam Sandler (as Michael Newman )
Kate Beckinsale (as Donna Newman )
Christopher Walken (as Morty )
David Hasselhoff (as Ammer )
Henry Winkler (as Ted )
Julie Kavner (as Trudy )
Sean Astin (as Bill )
Joseph Castanon (as Ben at 7 Years Old )
Jonah Hill (as Ben at 17 Years Old )
Jake Hoffman (as Ben at 22-30 Years Old )
Tatum McCann (as Samantha at 5 Years Old )
Lorraine Nicholson (as Samantha at 14 Years Old )
Katie Cassidy (as Samantha at 22-30 Years-Old )
Cameron Monaghan (as Kevin O'Doyle )
Jennifer Coolidge (as Janine )

Directed By: Frank Coraci
Written By: Jack Giarraputo & Tim Herlihy
Produced By: Sony Pictures

Release Date (US): June 23rd, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 37min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language, crude and sex related humor and some drug references

Budget: $82,500,000

Opening Weekend: $40,011,365

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