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A random wrong number on his cell phone sends a young man into a high-stakes race against time to save a woman’s life. With no knowledge of Jessica Martin other than her hushed, panicked voice on the other end of the tenuous cell phone connection, Ryan is quickly thrown into a world of deception and murder on his frantic search to find and save her.

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Box Office Info:

Kim Basinger (as Jessica Martin )
Chris Evans (as Ryan )
William H. Macy (as Mooney )
Eric Christian Olsen (as Chad )
Jessica Biel (as Chloe )
Jason Statham (as Greer )
Richard Burgi (as Craig Martin )
Eddie Driscoll (as Ronnie )
Eric Etebari (as Dimitri )
Adam Taylor Gordon (as Ricky Martin )
Bryan Holly (as Custodian )
Brendan Kelly (as Mad Dog )
Mircea Monroe (as Friend of Chloe )
Alana Morshead (as Specialty Girl )
Rob Nagle (as Paramedic )

Directed By: David R. Ellis
Written By: Eric Bress & Larry Cohen
Produced By: New Line Cinema

Release Date (US): September 10th, 2004

Length of Movie: 1h 34min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for violence, terror situations, language and some sexual references

Budget: $25,000,000

Opening Weekend: $10,100,571

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Cellular Soundtrack
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Composed By: John Ottman

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