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In South Africa, Patrick Chamusso is a charming and loving husband to his wife Precious, and a caring father to his two young daughters. He works as a foreman at the centrally located Secunda oil refinery, which is a symbol of South Africa's self-sufficiency at a time when the world was protesting the country's oppressive apartheid system. In his spare time, Patrick coaches a local boys' soccer team. Carefully toeing the hard line imposed on blacks by apartheid, Patrick is completely apolitical. Nic Vos is a Colonel in the country's Police Security Branch. The shrewd and charismatic Vos strives to maintain order in volatile situations, which have become more and more frequent as the outlawed activist organization African National Congress (ANC) rallies blacks against apartheid. Vos is also concerned for the safety of his wife and two daughters. He and his family live a world away from the Chamusso family--until the innocent Patrick comes under suspicion and is arrested (in June 1980) for sabotage of the Secunda oil refinery. His alibi is compromised, and Patrick is desperate to shield Precious from a past indiscretion and keep his job. But he is ill-prepared to withstand brutal interrogations by Vos' men. As Vos further insinuates himself into the lives of the Chamussos, to Patrick's shock and shame, Precious herself is jailed and tortured. Although he and Precious are soon released from custody, Patrick is stunned into action and completely reorients his sense of self and purpose. He leaves his family to join up with the ANC. Becoming a rebel fighter and political operative, Patrick is radicalized on behalf of his people and his country. He ultimately envisions a formidable and dangerous follow-up strike against the Secunda refinery, risking his own life and future. Change must and will come, for Patrick and his family, and for South Africa itself.

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Box Office Info:

Tim Robbins (as Nic Vos )
Derek Luke (as Patrick Chamusso )
Bonnie Mbuli (as Precious Chamusso )
Mncedisi Shabangu (as Zuko September )
Tumisho Masha (as Obadi )
Sithembiso Khumalo (as Sixpence )
Terry Pheto (as Miriam )
Michele Burgers (as Anna Vos )
Mpho Lovinga (as Johnny Piliso )
Mxo (as Pete My Baby )
Jessica Anstey (as Katie Vos )
Charlotte Savage (as Marie Vos )
Nomhlé Nkyonyeni (as Mama Dorothy )
Michael Mabizela (as Shaven Head Bomber )
Eduan Van Jaarsvelt (as Special Branch Sergeant )

Directed By: Phillip Noyce
Written By: Shawn Slovo
Produced By: Focus Features

Release Date (US): October 27th, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 42min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic material involving torture and abuse, violence and brief language

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $2,026,997

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