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Casper is a friendly but lonely young ghost who can't seem to help scaring people. Then, one day, two new visitors show up on the doorstep of his fantastically haunted house, Whipstaff Manor: Kat Harvey and her eccentric dad, Dr. Harvey, a self-styled "ghost therapist." Whipstaff's scheming owner, Carrigan Crittenden, has hired Harvey to exorcise the house's spectral inhabitants so that she can get her hands on the manor's fabled treasure. Unfortunately for Dr. Harvey, the Ghostly Trio--Fatso, Stinkie, and Stretch--have their own methods of getting rid of unwanted visitors--and a certifiably twisted sense of humor.

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Box Office Info:

Bill Pullman (as Dr. James Harvey)
Christina Ricci (as Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey)
Cathy Moriarty (as Carrigan Crittenden)
Eric Idle (as Paul 'Dibbs' Plutzker)
Ben Stein (as Mr. Rugg)
Don Novello (as Father Guido Sarducci)
Fred Rogers (as Mr. Rogers)
Terry Murphy (as Herself ('Hard Copy'))
Chauncey Leopardi (as Nicky)
Spencer Vrooman (as Andreas)
Malachi Pearson (as Casper (McFadden) (voice))
Ernestine Mercer (as Harvey Patient Being Interviewed)
Doug Bruckner (as Reporter (voice))
Joe Nipote (as Stretch (voice))
Joe Alaskey (as Stinkie (voice))

Directed By: Brad Silberling
Written By:Sherri Stoner and Deanna Oliver
Produced By: Universal Pictures [us]

Release Date May 26th, 1995

Length of Movie: 100 min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG for mild language and thematic elements..

Budget: $55,000,000

Opening Weekend:

Domestic Box Office Gross: $100,328,194

Casper Soundtrack

Casper Soundtrack
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1. No Sign of Ghosts
2. Carrigan & Dibs
3. Strangers in the House
4. First Haunting/The Swordfight
5. March of the Exorcists
6. Lighthouse- Casper & Kat
7. Casper Makes Breakfast
8. Fond Memories
9. 'Dying' to Be a Ghost
10. Casper's Lullaby
11. Descent to Lazarus
12. One Last Wish
13. Remember Me This Way - Jordan Hill
14. Casper, the Friendly Ghost - Little Richard
15. Uncles Swing/End Credits

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