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A hook-handed killer tears people apart at a housing project in Chicago, while graduate students researching urban mythology, become involved.

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Box Office Info:

Virginia Madsen (as Helen Lyle)
Tony Todd (as Candyman)
Xander Berkeley (as Trevor Lyle)
Kasi Lemmons (as Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh)
Vanessa Williams (as Anne-Marie McCoy)
DeJuan Guy (as Jake)
Carolyn Lowery (as Stacey)
Barbara Alston (as Henrietta Mosely)
Sarina C. Grant (as Kitty Culver)
Michael Culkin (as Professor Philip Purcell)
Stanley DeSantis (as Dr. Burke)
Marianna Elliott (as Clara)
Ted Raimi (as Billy)
Ria Pavia (as Monica)
Mark Daniels (as Student)

Directed By: Bernard Rose
Written By:Clive Barker and Bernard Rose
Produced By:PolyGram Filmed Entertainment [us]

Release Date: October 16, 1992

Length of Movie: 99 min



Opening Weekend:

Domestic Box Office Gross: $25,792,310

Candyman Soundtrack

Candyman Soundtrack
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1. Music Box
2. Cabrini Green
3. Helen's Theme
4. Face to Razor
5. Floating Candyman
6. Return to Cabrini
7. It Was Always You, Helen
8. Daniel's Flashback
9. The Slave Quarters
10. Annie's Theme
11. All Falls Apart
12. The Demise of Candyman
13. Reverend's Walk

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