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With college finally over a group of five friends escape to a remote log cabin in the woods to enjoy their last days of decadence before joining the working world. Good times quickly sour when a sickly stranger covered in a bloody skin disease crashes their party. Shots are fired and the lunatic flees into the woods, but it’s too late for our five friends: contact was already made. One by one members of the circle get ill and her skin starts to bubble and burn as a trail of oozing sores ravages her flesh. The group’s compassion quickly turns from repulsion to terror to survival of the fittest, as their friends deteriorate before their eyes.  Watching the disease corrode their bodies, fear of death sets in and the companions turn on one another, realizing that any one of them could be next.

When you think about Rider Strong the first thing which comes to mind is Shawn (character he played on Boy Meets World). Cabin Fever,  which hits theaters nationwide on Sept, 12, 2003, shows the maturing of Rider Strong's acting talents as he masterfully portrays the endearing good-looking dork who falls victim to his own virtue.

This flick begins like every teen horror flick before it begins, by introducing a variety of characters enjoying themselves and simply searching for a good time. There is the sex-starved couple who besides looking good together can't wait to take their clothes off (yes, there's nudity), there's the shy couple which really are friends (similar to Joey and Dawson from Dawson's Creek), and there's the gun-loving shock jock. 

All that changes when a sinister campfire story about a bowling alley is narrated. From this moment on the movie takes on an eerie darkness which continues as the flick unfolds. This is the most impressive part of the horror film. It does an excellent job of setting a scary/dark theme by using different types of elements throughout the remainder of the film. For instance, there's a scene of a woman slaughtering a pig and a retarded kid performing karate. Most scary movies rely on a single villain (Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Friday the 13th, Jeepers Creepers, etc) who is sole source of petrifying horror in the film. Since disease doesn't have a human face, the director (Eli Roth) does a devilishly clever job of incorporating eerie elements into the film and scaring box office patrons senseless. After seeing the movie I became severely petrified/paranoid of visiting a small town or a rural area for the remainder of my life.

The nicest motif in the movie was when Marcy attempts to shave her legs in the bathtub after contracting the disease. When women shave their legs it's to feel beautiful and sexy, and when Marcy shaves her legs its an attempt to become beautiful again but her legs have already been ravaged by disease and have hideous lesions all over and the simple act of shaving cannot make her beautiful again. The loss of beauty motif is a rather mature theme/concept for a teen movie, but slightly refreshing since it was well done and evoked the emotions of the characters so concisely.

Extremely good directing, which overshadows a storyline filled with clichés, helps this movie scare audiences in more ways than one. Although the movies main demographic is teens and young twenty-somethings, its mature cinematography makes it tolerable for older crowds, especially if they are nostalgic for classic horror films.

See this movie if you're a fan of:

The Evil Dead (1981)

28 Days Later (2003)

Rider Strong (Boy Meets World, Kim Possible)

Stephen King (Popular novelist)

Box Office Info:

Jordan Ladd (as Karen)
Rider Strong (as Paul)
James DeBello (as Bert)
Cerina Vincent (as Marcy)
Joey Kern (as Jeff)
Arie Verveen (as The Hermit)

Directed By: Eli Roth
Written By: Eli Roth & Randy Pearlstein
Produced By: Lions Gate Films

Release Date (US): September 12, 2003

Length of Movie: 1h 34min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence and gore, sexuality, language and brief drug use.

Filming Locations: High Point (North Carolina), Mocksville (North Carolina)

Budget: $14,500,000

Opening Weekend: $8,633,585

Cabin Fever Soundtrack

Cabin Fever Soundtrack
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1. Squirrels - Cabin Fever: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2. Shitstorm - Your Mom
3. 'Lit Him On Fire' - Cabin Fever: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
4. Wastin' Time - Scrappy Hamilton
5. Party - Cabin Fever: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
6. Walkin', Workin', Lovin', Laughin' - The Turtlenecks
7. Main Title/Infectious Dog
8. Dennis Bites
9. Lemonade
10. The Nougat?
11. Paul And Karen/Good Kisser - Angelo Badalamenti
12. Burn The Hermit
13. What To Do
14. Karen Sips/The Hog Lady
15. Deputy Winston - Angelo Badalamenti
16. Red Love/Virus Check - Angelo Badalamenti

17. Karen Falls Apart
18. Marcy & Paul Screw
19. Pancakes/Runnin' From Rednecks
20. The Reservoir/Leg Shaving
21. Die, Redneck Die
22. Grim's Cave
23. Party Crasher
24. The Party Ain't Over
25. Jeff Makes It
26. Comin To A Town Near You
27. 'I Made It' - Cabin Fever: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
28. Swing Low - Happy Wednesday
29. Faced - Cabin Fever: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
30. Bonus Tracks: 'Hermit's Lair' - Angelo Badalamenti
31. Bonus Tracks: Hunting With Bert - Angelo Badalamenti
32. Bonus Tracks: Red Love (Extended) - Angelo Badalamenti

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