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Set against the majestic natural splendor of the Great American Northwest, the film tells the story of a boy named Kenai, whose life takes an unexpected turn when the Great Spirits transform him into a bear--the creature he hates most. Befriended by a bear cub named Koda, Kenai sets out to regain his human form while his brother--who doesn't realize Kenai is now a bear--pursues him on a mission of revenge and family honor. It is a tale of courage, honor and self-discovery

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Box Office Info:

Joaquin Phoenix (as Kenai - voice)
Hope Levy (as Valley Girl Bear - voice)
Jeremy Suarez (as Coda - voice)
Rick Moranis (as Tuke - voice)
Dave Thomas (as Rutt - voice)

Directed By: Aaron Blaise & Robert Walker
Written By: Steve Bencich & Ron J. Friedman
Produced By: Walt Disney

Release Date (US): November 1, 2003

Length of Movie: 1h 25min

MPAA Rating: G for General Audiences.

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $19,802,809

Brother Bear Soundtrack

Brother Bear Soundtrack
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1. Look Through My Eyes
2. Great Spirits - Tina Turner
3. Welcome
4. No Way Out
5. Transformation - The Bulgarian Women's Choir
6. On My Way
7. Welcome - The Blind Boys Of Alabama
8. No Way Out
9. Transformation
10. Three Brothers
11. Awakes As A Bear
12. Wilderness Of Danger And Beauty

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