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Pushed to the breaking-point after their latest, "why can't you do this one little thing for me?" argument, art dealer Brooke calls it quits with her boyfriend, Gary, who hosts bus tours of Chicago. What follows is a series of remedies, war tactics, overtures and underminings suggested by the former couple's friends, confidantes and the occasional total stranger. When neither ex is willing to move out of the condo they used to share, the only solution is to continue living as hostile roommates until somebody caves. But somewhere between protesting the pool table in the living room, the dirty clothes stacked in the kitchen cupboards and the sports played at sleep-killing volume in the middle of the night, Brooke begins to realize that what she may be really fighting for isn't so much the place but the person.

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Box Office Info:

Vince Vaughn (as Gary Grobowski )
Jennifer Aniston (as Brooke Meyers )
Joey Lauren Adams (as Maddie )
Cole Hauser (as Lupus Grobowski )
Jon Favreau (as Johnny O )
Jason Bateman (as Riggleman )
Judy Davis (as Marilyn Dean )
Justin Long (as Christopher )
Ivan Sergei (as Carson Wigham )
John Michael Higgins (as Richard Meyers )
Ann-Margret (as Wendy Meyers )
Vernon Vaughn (as Howard Meyers )
Vincent D'Onofrio (as Dennis Grobowski )

Directed By: Peyton Reed
Written By: Jeremy Garelick & Jay Lavender
Produced By: Universal Pictures

Release Date (US): June 2nd, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 46min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content, some nudity and language.

Budget: $52,000,000

Opening Weekend: $39,172,785

The Break-Up Soundtrack

The Break-Up Soundtrack
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1. O Caminho - Bebel Gilberto
2. Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Richard
3. Sleepwalk - Santo & Johnny
4. Boogie Nights - Tone Rangers
5. 26 - Shawn Lee
6. If You're Happy & You Know It - Christopher
7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Dwight Yoakam
8. It's Only A Paper Moon - Ella Fitzgerald
9. Time - Richard Jacques
10. Time Bomb - Old 97's (live)
11. Salome - Old 97's (live)
12. Ay Costa Linda - Perez Prado
13. Tenderly - Jackie Gleason
14. Rainbow Connection - Tone Rangers

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