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A young Muslim thief breaks into the office of a yuppie architect in London, afterwards the architect re-evaluates his life. A series of related events intersects the lives of the two men with a variety of other people in the seedy inner-city area of Kings Cross.

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Box Office Info:

Jude Law (as Will )
Juliette Binoche (as Amira )
Robin Wright Penn (as Liv )
Martin Freeman (as Sandy )
Ray Winstone (as Bruno )
Vera Farmiga (as Oana )
Rafi Gavron (as Miro )

Directed By: Anthony Minghella
Written By: Anthony Minghella
Produced By: Buena Vista

Release Date (US): January 26th, 2007

Length of Movie: 2h 0min

MPAA Rating: R for sexuality and language

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $

Breaking and Entering Soundtrack

Breaking and Entering Soundtrack
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1. A Thing Happens
2. St Pancras
3. Sad Amira
4. Monkey One
5. Hungerford Bridge
6. We Love Bea
7. Happy Toast
8. Monkey Two
9. Will and Amira
10. Primrose Hill
11. So-ree
12. Mending Things
13. Broken Entered
14. Piano Modal
15. Counterpoint Hang Pulse

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