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Breakfast of Champions Movie

Breakfast of Champions Info:

Released in US September 17, 1999 (limited)
Total US Gross $178,287
Production Budget $12,000,000
MPAA Rating R for sexuality and some language.
Highest Combined Star Gross213
Distributed by Buena Vista
Music Composed By Mark Isham
Country United States
Director Alan Rudolph

Breakfast of Champions Cast:

Bruce Willis    ( as Dwayne Hoover )
Albert Finney    ( as Kilgore Trout )
Nick Nolte    ( as Harry Le Sabre )
Barbara Hershey    ( as Celia Hoover )
Glenne Headly    ( as Francine Pefko )
Lukas Haas    ( as Bunny Hoover )
Omar Epps    ( as Wayne Hoobler )
Buck Henry    ( as Fred T. Barry )
Vicki Lewis    ( as Grace Le Sabre )
Ken Hudson Campbell    ( as Eliot Rosewater/Gilbert )
Jake Johannsen    ( as Bill Bailey )
Will Patton    ( as Moe )
Chip Zien    ( as Andy Wojeckowzski )
Owen Wilson    ( as Monte Rapid )
Alison Eastwood    ( as Maria Maritimo )
Michael Clarke Duncan    ( as Eli )
Shawnee Smith    ( as Bonnie MacMahon )

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