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The Borrowers Movie

The Borrowers Info:

Released in US February 13, 1998
Total US Gross $22,619,589
MPAA Rating PG for mild peril and some crude humor
Distributed by Polygram
Produced by Working Title
Music Composed By Harry Gregson-Williams
Major Genre Fantasy
Country United Kingdom

The Borrowers Cast:

John Goodman    ( as Ocious P. Potter )
Jim Broadbent    ( as Pod Clock )
Mark Williams    ( as Exterminator Jeff )
Hugh Laurie    ( as Officer Steady )
Bradly Pierce    ( as Pete Lender )
Flora Newbigin    ( as Arrietty Clock )
Tom Felton    ( as Peagreen Clock )
Raymond Pickard    ( as Spiller )
Celia Imrie    ( as Homily Clock )
Aden Gillett    ( as Joe Lender )
Doon Mackichan    ( as Victoria Lende )
Ruby Wax    ( as City Hall clerk )
Andrew Dunford    ( as Dustbunny )
Bob Goody    ( as Minty )
Patrick Monkton    ( as Swag )
Dick Ward    ( as Milk Man )
George Yiasoumi    ( as Wrigley )
Alex Winter    ( as TV Ganster )

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