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Boogie Nights Movie

Boogie Nights Info:

Released in US October 31, 1997
Total US Gross $26,410,771
MPAA Rating R for strong sex scenes with explicit dialogue, nudity, drug use, language and violence
Highest Combined Star Gross73
Genres Porn Business
Distributed by New Line
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Paul Thomas Anderson

Boogie Nights Cast:

Heather Graham    ( as Rollergirl/Brandy )
Julianne Moore    ( as Amber Waves )
Don Cheadle    ( as Buck Swope )
Mark Wahlberg    ( as Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler )
Burt Reynolds    ( as Jack Horner )
William H. Macy    ( as Little Bill )
Philip Seymour Hoffman    ( as Scotty )
Philip Baker Hall    ( as Floyd Gondolli )
John C. Reilly    ( as Reed Rothchild )
Melora Walters    ( as Jessie St. Vincent )
Thomas Jane    ( as Todd Parker )
Luis Guzman    ( as Maurice T. Rodriguez )
Alfred Molina    ( as Rahad Jackson )

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