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The Beverly Hillbillies Movie

The Beverly Hillbillies Info:

Released in US October 15, 1993
Total US Gross $41,954,205
MPAA Rating PG for some off-color humor
Highest Combined Star Gross873
Genres Rags to Riches
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Music Composed By Lalo Schifrin
Source Based on TV
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States

The Beverly Hillbillies Cast:

Rob Schneider    ( as Woodrow Tyler )
Cloris Leachman    ( as Granny Daisy Mae Moses Clampett )
Jim Varney    ( as Jed Clampett )
Lea Thompson    ( as Laura Jackson )
Lily Tomlin    ( as Miss Jane Hathaway )
Zsa Zsa Gabor    ( as Lady Who Slapped a Cop )
Dabney Coleman    ( as Milburn Drysdale )
Erika Eleniak    ( as Elly May Clampett )
Dolly Parton    ( as Herself )

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