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Leaving the Chicago crew behind, Gina Norris is a long way from the Barbershop--she now lives in Atlanta and is making a name for herself and her cutting-edge hairstyles at a posh Southern salon. But when her flamboyant, egotistical boss, Jorge, takes it one criticism too far, she storms out of his salon to open a shop of her own, taking the shampoo girl and a few key clients with her. Gina risks it all to buy a rundown beauty shop and gets to work making it on her own, inheriting an opinionated group of headstrong stylists, a colorful clientele, and a sexy upstairs electrician. It's a rocky road to fulfilling her dreams--and Jorge does his best to ruin her plans--but you can't keep a good woman down--and you can't keep a shopful of outrageous women from speaking their minds!

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Box Office Info:

Queen Latifah (as Gina )
Keiko Agena (as Suki )
Alex Avant (as Officer Banks )
James Avery (as Seymour Gold )
Kevin Bacon (as Jorge )
Andre B. Blake (as Gianni )
Golden Brooks (as Chanel )
Antonio D. Charity (as Glenn )
Dan Chase (as Valet )
Joyful Drake (as Stephanie )
Michelle Griffin (as Mona )
Djimon Hounsou (as Joe )
Paige Hurd (as Vanessa )
Lil J (as Willie (as Lil' JJ) )
Susan Leslie (as Mother )
Jamie McBride (as Detective )
Anika C. McFall (as Upscale Client )
Mari Morrow (as Gina )
Nicole Pano (as Crazy Arab Impostor )
David Ramsey (as Cliff )
Sherri Shepherd (as Ida )
Alicia Silverstone (as Lynn )
Mena Suvari (as Joanne )
Bryce Wilson (as James )
Alfre Woodard (as Miss Josephine )

Directed By: Bille Woodruff
Written By: Kate Lanier & Norman Vance Jr.
Produced By: MGM

Release Date (US): March 30th, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 45min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual material, language and brief drug references.

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $16,647,604

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