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Basic Instinct Movie

Basic Instinct Info:

Released in US March 20, 1992
Total US Gross $117,727,224
Worldwide Gross $352,700,000
MPAA Rating R for strong violence and sensuality, and for drug use and language.
Highest Combined Star Gross592
Franchises Basic Instinct
Distributed by Sony Pictures
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Suspense
Country United States
Director Paul Verhoeven

Basic Instinct Cast:

Jeanne Tripplehorn    ( as Doctor Beth Garner )
Sharon Stone    ( as Catherine Tramell )
Michael Douglas    ( as Detective Nick 'Nicky' Curran )
Stephen Tobolowsky    ( as Doctor Lamott )
James Rebhorn    ( as Dr. McElwaine )
Wayne Knight    ( as John Correli )
George Dzundza    ( as Gus Morgan )

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