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Back to the Future Part II Movie

Back to the Future Part II Info:

Released in US November 22, 1989
Total US Gross $118,450,002
Production Budget $40,000,000
Worldwide Gross $332,000,000
Highest Combined Star Gross387
Franchises Back to the Future
Genres Time Travel
Distributed by Universal
Produced by Amblin Entertainment
Music Composed By Alan Silvestri
Source Sequel
Major Genre Science Fiction
Country United States
Director Robert Zemeckis

Back to the Future Part II Cast:

Michael J. Fox    ( as Marty McFly (sr)/Marty McFly jr/Marlene McFly )
Christopher Lloyd    ( as Doc Emmett L. Brown )
Elisabeth Shue    ( as Jennifer Parker )
Lea Thompson    ( as Lorraine Baines )
Thomas F. Wilson    ( as Biff Tannen/Griff Tannen )
James Tolkan    ( as Mr. Strickland )
Elijah Wood    ( as Video Game Boy (Mickey) )
Billy Zane    ( as Match )
Joe Flaherty    ( as Western Union Man )
Flea    ( as Douglas J. Needles )
Jason Scott Lee    ( as Whitey )

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